Dr. Harry L. Mackey

Elder Mackey has served the Lord Jesus Christ since June 1973 where he received the gift of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of tongues. He received a prophetic calling, “to take the lion off of God’s people back.” Under the Leadership of Bishop Willie and Anna Stephenson of House of God Miracle Temple Miami, Florida, he was ordained as a Deacon, Minister, Elder, and Pastor.  

During his first year of the new birth experience he attended a one (1) year prayer revival where his ministry and gifts began to mature and increase. The Lord then led him to begin street service in Fort Pierce, FL on the weekends. As a result, in 1977 he became the Pastor and Founder of Life Outreach Apostolic Ministry. He currently has “Miracle Night” on Tuesdays and “Holy Ghost Thursday” as the Lord leads. He now has a Prophetic, Evangelistic, Healing, and Deliverance Ministry. The Prophetic Ministry involves and teaches believers with prophetic gifts and utterance how to yield and seek the Lord for answers and keys to unlock the hearts of men. 

His Evangelistic Ministry past and present covers, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm, Palm Bay, Bradenton, and Tampa, Florida, Brunswick, Georgia, Charleston, and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. He currently has a door to door witnessing team, phone ministry, and street service as the Lord leads. He has a two (2) week “Holy Ghost Revival” in the month of June continuing since 1989.

His Healing Ministry has been tried and proven by an infant and adult being raised from the dead. In his life the Lord has demonstrated the power of healing by surgery’s not being performed, heart attack and stroke victims being labeled as miracles, and cancer going into remission.

As a Deliverance Minister, God has used him on numerous occasions to take the lion off His people back by casting out demons. Many have witnessed drunkards instantly becoming sober, the suicidal accepting Christ, prison doors opened, hatred turning into love, bitterness becoming sweetness, and broken homes and relationships being reconciled.

He has taught the church to, “Love God, Love His Word, Love His Work, and Love His People”. He firmly believes in the Five Elements of the Gospel; Principle, Character, Integrity, Discipline, and Responsibility.

In August 1973 he married Ruby L. Mackey. They have one son Darryl Mackey. He has owned and operated Miracle Ribs Restaurant and Catering since 1980. He retired from the business in 2012 to yield himself full time to Prayer, the Word, and Evangelism. He received his Doctorate of Religious Studies in 1999 from Tampa Bay Bible College. March 8, 2015 he was installed as a Bishop.

The Church Sanctuary
Bishop Harry Mackey welcoming a new member, infant Myressa Pratt
Bishop Harry and Missionary Ruby Mackey receiving a gift of appreciation, presented by Minister Dawn Burns and the Body of Christ.